e-Banking First Time Login

First Time Login Requirements - Logging into e-Banking site is easy. The first time you log in to the site, you will be prompted to enter your identifying information. You will need to complete a few steps in order to sign in to e-Banking: 

  • Create a username (this username cannot be the same as your member number).
  • The authentication includes use of a 6 digit pass-code received by email, text message or telephone call. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not want to receive this pass-code each time you login, simply choose the REMEMBER COMPUTER button. You will see the remember computer option upon the first time you login AFTER setting up your username. If you use multiple computers or devices, you will need to choose the remember computer option for each device. 
  • If you choose to receive the pass-code by Text Message, please be aware that the code is listed within the text message. The pass-code is NOT the number that the text comes from.


Joint Accounts - Please be aware that e-Banking shows ALL accounts and loans that are associated with you. This includes: joint accounts and loans, Kidz Club accounts, and trust accounts. If you prefer not to see these accounts, you can simply hide them in the Options settings.

Other e-Banking FAQs - Click here for more information.

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