Smart-e Bundles

Super rates on Smart-E Loans

Wondering how to keep cool as temperatures rise? Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union and the Smart-E Loan can help you beat the heat and transform your home into a more efficient space. 0.99% APR is available up to 120 months with no money down to make your home energy improvements even more budget friendly.

Bundle two or more qualifying energy savings measures to take advantage of this special limited time rate. Do More to Save More with a Smart-E Bundle!

Solar PV Bundles Go Solar and add: attic, wall or floor insulation; heat pump*; high efficiency boiler or furnace; tankless or indirect water heater; electric vehicle charging station; central air conditioning; energy efficient windows.

Insulation Bundles Attic/wall/floor insulation combined with: energy efficient windows; heat pump*; high efficiency boiler or furnace, solar PV.

Home Energy Solutions Bundle Participate in HES and install: attic, wall or floor insulation; heat pump*; high efficiency boiler or furnace.

High Efficiency HVAC Bundles Boiler or furnace paired with: attic, wall or floor insulation; heat pump*; solar PV.

No money down, fixed rates, no prepayment penalties. What could be easier?

Two single measure special offers are also available at 0.99% APR:

  • Install a heat pump for heating and cooling
  • Convert to natural gas and install a high efficiency boiler or furnace

Loan Terms and Rates:

  • 5 Year – 0.99%
  • 7 Year – 0.99%
  • 10 Year – 0.99%

Get Started! Click here to apply online or call (860) 513.5000.

Need a contractor? A list of eligible contractors is available at: 

Connecticut owner-occupied homes only. Maximum loan amount is $40,000. Other terms and conditions may apply.
*Heat pumps include air source hot water heaters, ductless mini splits, and geothermal.
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