Personal Loans

Unsecured Loans

Every now and then, you may need more money than you have on hand. Perhaps you want to make a large purchase or need a helping hand to overcome a short-term financial hurdle. Whatever the reason, we offer an affordable Personal Loan product to fit every budget.

Use a Personal Loan to finance income tax payments, your child’s college tuition, furniture, personal watercraft, and more. We offer:

  • Great low rates
  • Borrow up to $40,000
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Loan protection insurance

Share and Certificate Secured Loans

Borrow from your savings or certificate balance while you continue to save money. These loans provide you the opportunity to borrow at great low rates and, if necessary, can help you re-establish your credit.

  • Great low rates
  • Quick access to cash
  • Continue to receive monthly dividends
  • Automatic Payment option

Click here for Unsecured and Secured Loan rates. Click Here to apply, or call our loan department at 860.513.5000 (local) or 1.800.526.6933 (nationwide)