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My Thoughts on 2019 and the Banking Industry Posted Friday, Nov 09, 2018

I was recently interviewed about what I believe will be key issues in the financial services industry for 2019. There are many topics that I believe are going to be critical in the banking world next year and limiting it to five was difficult. I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts about these key 2019 financial services topics.

It is an interesting time for financial institutions. Some would even call it a critical time. Banks and credit unions are faced with the difficult challenge of evolving their physical brick and mortar locations without damaging the member and customer experience.

Nutmeg Strives to Serve the Hispanic Community Posted Tuesday, Sep 11, 2018

It’s very important to me and all of us at Nutmeg, including our staff and Board of Directors, to do the best job of serving all our members. For this reason, we spend a lot of time and put a lot of hard work into learning about our communities and the people who live in them. One area that we have placed particular focus on is the Hispanic community. We’ve done extensive research and over 15% of our members have a Hispanic ethnic background. This is slightly above the state average of 13%. We are excited to have diversity in our membership and welcome families from every nation of origin.

With all the competition in the marketplace, both locally and nationally, it is more important than ever to remind everyone of the commitment Nutmeg has to our local businesses. Small businesses are what make our communities thrive. While small business owners are feeling very optimistic about the economy, they are also very aware of the many challenges they face. We work hard at Nutmeg to make a positive difference for businesses by creating lots of different ways to make running a business easy!

For many years the AAA Northeast motor club locations across Connecticut provided license renewal services. Last year, AAA ceased providing these services in the southern part of the state. Nutmeg, among other organizations, provided proposals to the state in a bid to be selected to offer these services. Nutmeg was chosen as one of the partners, and our first shared location has recently opened in Milford, conveniently located at 977 Boston Post Road next to the ShopRite store!