President's Blog

2018 was a very successful year for Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union. We worked hard to achieve our goal of delivering exceptional service across all our service touchpoints. Over the past year, we gained significant momentum as a credit union and made great strides in efficiency and automation on all fronts.

Our Business Services Are Making Big Strides Posted Friday, Mar 15, 2019

Every day I hear about how it is becoming harder and harder for small businesses to thrive. With all the economic challenges we currently face locally and nationally, it's no wonder so many people are discouraged from starting new businesses. However, there is opportunity if you know where to look for it and help if you know who to ask! I want to take a moment to make sure that everyone knows all about the services Nutmeg provides that make running a small business in CT possible.

As I’m sure you’ve heard me say before in my blog many times, we are always looking for more ways to help members of our community. Over the past several years, we have continued to expand our services to reach people all over Connecticut. As part of this growth strategy, we have placed special focus on the underserved members of the community.

A Look Back and a Look Ahead Posted Thursday, Jan 10, 2019

With our recent advances in technology, community outreach and physical expansion, this past year has been one of Nutmeg’s most successful. It’s time again to reflect back on the year and prepare ourselves for the next.

Furthering our Relationship with the DMV Posted Friday, Dec 14, 2018

With the recent opening of our second shared-space DMV Express location in North Haven, Nutmeg is continuing its partnership with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. This exciting news marks another milestone in our physical branch expansion as well as our rapidly evolving technology. I’d like to take some time to talk about how convenient these new services will be for our members and for all of the community.