Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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I responded to a member poll. Why haven't you answered my question? 

Unfortunately, we cannot answer member questions directly because our polls are anonymous and no return contact information is provided. This FAQ was created to address any questions you may have. If you cannot find your specific question, please contact us to request an addition to the FAQ.

Why do you need my email address? 

Your email address is a method for us to verify your account information and contact you electronically. We will never market to you via email without your permission. Additionally, your email address is required for your recurring e-Statements notifications.

How can I change my address? 

Address changes may be done at any of our branch locations or over the phone. Call us at 860.513.5000 or 1.800.526.6933 to get started.

I live and work in another state. Can I still use the credit union? 

There are several different ways to establish your membership with Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union. Click here to learn more about becoming a member. If you are already a member and have moved out of the state, you can continue to use your accounts.

How can I contact you by email? 

General email inquiries can be sent to Please note that we are unable to answer specific account questions through this unsecured messaging service.

How can I contact you by phone? 

You can contact the credit union by calling 860.513.5000 or toll free at 1.800.526.6933. Our Call Center is available Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.

Do you offer retirement planning? 

Yes. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

Do you have a financial advisor? 

Yes. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

Do you have a coin-counting machine? 

We do not have coin-counting machines. However, we will accept any rolled coins brought to our branch locations.

Can you open a branch close to where I live/work? 

We frequently evaluate the need/possibility of expanding our branch network within Connecticut. We will continue to seek new opportunities for expansion in order to make it even more convenient for our members to bank with us.

Do you offer remote deposits? 

Yes. E-Deposits may be completed from your mobile device. Learn more about the Nutmeg Mobile App.

What time do night drop deposits get credited? 

Night drop deposits are processed each morning that the credit union is open. Please note that checks placed for deposit may not be available for immediate withdrawal.

Can I mail in my deposit? 

Yes. Our mailing address is:

Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union

PO Box 66

Rocky Hill, CT 06067-0066

How long does it take for mailed deposits to be credited? 

Mail is processed and credited to your account on the day we receive it from the post office. Please note that checks mailed for deposit may not be available for immediate withdrawal.

Can I do my Nutmeg banking through another institution? (Shared Banking) 

At this time, we do not participate in a Shared Banking program.

What is the minimum amount required to open a certificate? 

The minimum amount for a certificate is $1,000. This limit is set by our Board of Directors and does not change. We do offer periodic promotional terms for certificates which may have different minimum amount requirements.


Why was I charged for a replacement ATM/Debit Card? 

We only charge to replace lost cards. The fee to replace a lost card is $10. If your card is damaged or stolen, there is no charge.

Where can I access surcharge-free ATMs? 

Members can use any Nutmeg ATM without incurring any fees. We are also part of the SUM and CO-OP Networks. Learn more about locating ATMs near you.

What are the daily limits for ATM/Debit transactions? 

Members are allowed a $500 daily limit on PIN-based transactions and a $2,500 daily limit on signature-based transactions.

Can you open an ATM in my area? 

Click here to view a list of Nutmeg-owned ATM locations. We are also part of the SUM and CO-OP Networks, which provide a network of fee-free ATMs. You can use any SUM or CO-OP designated ATM free of surcharges!

Can I make deposits at your ATMs? 

Yes, all Nutmeg ATMs accept deposits. Deposits must be for Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union accounts only. Deposits for other financial institutions will not be accepted.


Can I view pending charges in e-Banking? 

Yes! When you look at the account summary screen in e-Banking, the available balance is a clickable link that will show you all items on hold or pending items (including check holds or debit holds).

Why can I see my joint accounts in e-Banking? 

By default, any account you have joint access to will automatically appear in your listing of accounts. If you would like to hide joint accounts from view, you can change your online banking settings to "Favorites" which only displays the accounts you wish to see. Choose the "edit" option at the bottom of the screen and select the specific accounts as your favorites.

Why can't I see my joint accounts in e-Banking? 

If a joint account is not appearing properly in your listing of accounts, you must call the credit union to ensure you are properly linked as an accountholder. Before you contact us, please be sure you know the number and details of the account missing from your list.

Why can't I log into my account? Is the system down? 

We post notices on our website whenever we encounter system outages or require routine maintenance. However, if no notices are posted and you still can't log in to e-Banking, your account may have been locked. A common reason for this is too many incorrect login attempts, but if you are unsure please contact us for more information.

What is the user ID? 

The User ID is optional. This will allow you to access your account on e-Banking without using your member number to sign in. If you decided to create a User ID, you can sign in using either your member number or User ID. Think of the User ID as a nickname that you use to access your account. Some people prefer to use a name that they can remember, rather than using their member number.

What is the Security Phrase? 

Your Security Phrase is used to help you identify e-Banking as a legitimate website. After enrollment, each time you sign in to e-Banking you will see your security phrase along with a security image of your choice.

What if I forgot my password? 

If you forgot your password, you can reset it online. You'll need to verify some information before selecting a new password. You can also contact us during normal business hours to get your password reset. Once reset, you will then be prompted to change your password to something else when you sign in.

Why am I being told my membership cannot be verified? 

In order to verify your membership during enrollment, you must type your information exactly as it appears on your account. After more than three unsuccessful verification/login attempts, your account will be locked for 24 hours for security purposes. To unlock your e-Banking account, contact us or wait 24 hours to try again.

What should I expect when signing in to e-Banking? 

Signing in to e-Banking is a multiple-step process. At the login start, enter your unique User ID. You will then be directed to the next page, which should display the security picture and phrase you chose during enrollment. If your security picture and phrase are correct, you may input your password. If it is your first time logging in, you will be prompted to enter a unique passcode on the following page. Choosing the "Remember Computer" option will allow you to bypass this part of the log-in process in the future.

How can I bypass the e-Banking log-in passcode? 

When logging in, select the "Remember Computer" option after entering your unique passcode.

What web browsers are compatible with e-Banking? 

Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Netscape Navigator and Opera have been tested and verified to work with e-Banking and our services.

Why am I still being asked for a pass code? 

Your e-Banking log-in pass code will need to be renewed every 60 days. When renewing, simply re-select "Remember this Computer/Device" when signing in.


Do you offer mortgages outside of Connecticut? 

Yes! We offer mortgage loans in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Visit our mortgage loan page for more information.

Can I refinance my current vehicle loan to a lower rate? 

You can refinance your vehicle loan from another financial institution, but we do not refinance existing Nutmeg loans. Please contact our loan department for more information.

Can I have an escrow account with my mortgage? 

No. At this time, we do not offer an escrow account for taxes or insurance.

Can I get my credit card statement online? 

Your credit statement is available for viewing through the credit card access link in e-Banking. You can also receive an electronic copy of your statement via e-Pay.

Can I apply for a credit card online? 

Yes! Click here to apply for a Nutmeg credit card.

Mobile Banking

What is Mobile Banking? 

Mobile Banking is your own personal branch that is available anytime, anywhere! Take advantage of the same features you’re accustomed to, including at-a-glance actual and available balances for all your accounts; transaction history details, including searching within a specific date range; view check images; quick, one-time or scheduled transfers between your own accounts or other members’ accounts; and pay bills with a mobile version of e-Pay.

You can also use Mobile Banking to keep up-to-date with Nutmeg information, such as branch hours, locations, and contact information; current rates for share accounts, certificates, and loans; locations of Nutmeg ATMS and ATMs within the SUM® and/or CO-OO® networks. Mobile e-Banking is just as secure as the full version of e-Banking, so you can rest assured your information is kept safe. No information is stored on your mobile device. Best of all, if you’re already signed up for e-Banking, you’re already signed up for Mobile e-Banking too!

When I use the Back button on my browser, why does a blank page or an error message display? 

Never use the browser’s Back button on a phone with Mobile Banking, especially after visiting a page where you have entered information and pressed Submit or Continue. Use the links and tabs to navigate through the pages.

How does your mobile app handle security? 

Mobile Banking is encrypted using the Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) protocol, which provides the highest level of security available today. Additionally, all data that passes between the wireless gateway, MShift’s servers, and Nutmeg’s web servers is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates.

I keep getting locked out of my account when I try to log in from a mobile device. Why is my log-in information not being accepted? 

Using your mobile phone to enter data takes a little practice. Passwords are case sensitive, so make sure you are entering it exactly as it is set up. If your password begins with a lower-case letter, you may need to use your phone’s shift key to change the default from upper case. In addition, some phones require extra shift key presses to enter numbers instead of letters.

I know I am entering my log-in information correctly. Why can't I access Mobile Banking? 

There may be one of several things occurring with your online banking account.

1. Online Banking may be down. This can be confirmed by logging in to e-Banking.

2. MultiFactor Authentication (MFA) challenge questions may not be set up on your account. Please log in or contact us to get started.

3. You may have one or more pages appearing in online banking that require your attention, such as email address confirmation pages, security update pages, or Terms and Conditions updates. Log in to e-Banking to view these pages before using our mobile banking services.

What happens if I get locked out of mobile banking? 

If you are locked out of mobile banking, you must contact us to unloack your account or request a new password. For security reasons, you may not change your new password through mobile banking.

Do you have an official mobile app? 

Yes! Click here to learn more about the Nutmeg Mobile App.

How do I know if my phone is web enabled? 

If you have a browser that allows you to see web pages on your phone’s main menu or home page, then it is web enabled. Contact your mobile phone carrier to confirm that your phone is web enabled and that the service is activated.

What mobile devices are supported for mobile banking? 

Mobile banking is accessible from any internet-enabled mobile device (including Apple and Android devices, Palm Pre and Treo phones, pocket PC devices and internet-enabled flip phones.

Can I use mobile banking if I don't have a Nutmeg account? 

Yes, but you can only access certain features such as branch locations or contact information. Open an account today to unlock the full features of mobile banking.

Is there a fee to use mobile banking? 

No, mobile banking is free of charge!

Account Transfers

Can I complete a wire transfer form online? 

No, you must complete paperwork and show a valid form of identification at a branch to initiate a wire transfer.

Can I transfer money to or from another financial institution? 

We do offer outgoing money transfer services. Federal Wire Transfers are available at our branch locations and External Account Transfers are accessible through e-Banking (located under "transfers"). Incoming fund transfers are accepted, but cannot be initiated by Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union (with the exception of loan payments).

Why are my savings account transfers limited to only six per month? 

Regulation D (Reg D) is a Federal Reserve Board regulation that impacts savings-type accounts. It states that the maximum amount of transfers made out of savings or money market accounts must be limited to six per month.

If you need to transfer funds out of your savings account, locate an ATM or visit any of our branch locations.

Can I receive a warning when I'm approaching my six-transaction limit? 

e-Banking tracks your amount of Reg D withdrawals by month (with a limit of six per month). You can view your Reg D transfer count in e-Banking under "Account Details."

Can I increase my monthly savings transfer limit? 

No. Per Reg D, members are limited to six withdrawals or transfers per month from savings or money market accounts.

Can I set up e-Pay to transfer funds from savings if I don't have enough money in checking? 

Yes, you can set up overdraft protection for your savings or money market accounts. We allow up to six per month and there is a $5.00 fee for each transfer.

What time do direct deposits get credited? 

Direct deposits are credited by 8:30 am each business day.

What time do automatic transfers occur? 

We receive credits or items for deposits four (4) times per day. Depending on your payroll company, you could see your deposit after any of the following times: 2:00 am, 8:30-9:00 am, 11:30 am, and 4:00 pm.

How many days do you need to cancel my scheduled payment? 

We will need at least one business day to cancel a scheduled payment (cannot be the same business day).

Checking Accounts

Why was a hold placed on my check? 

Holds are placed on items in order in ensure the credit union receives payment of the funds the items represent. When an item is presented for deposit, the credit union does not immediately receive the funds from the paying institution. Checks must be sent through several "clearing houses" until it reaches the paying institution. Once received, the paying institution then remits the funds to Nutmeg (which can take several days).

We are bound by Federal Regulation CC when placing holds on a deposited item. Click here to view our disclosures for more information.

Do you charge a fee for checks? 

We do not charge fees for ordering checks. Check order charges are from Harland Check Printers.

What is Nutmeg's routing & transit number? 

Our routing & transit number is 211977362.

What is my "available balance"? 

Your available balance is the difference between your current balance and any pending transactions that haven't posted to your account yet. This is used as a safeguard to help prevent account overdrafts.

How long does it take for a check to clear? 

Please view our Funds Availability Schedule here for more information.

Credit/Debit Card

Can I pay my Nutmeg credit card online? 

Yes! The best way to make payments toward your Nutmeg credit card is in the "Payments" section of e-Banking. You can make payments from your Nutmeg accounts or from another financial institution. Click here to get started.

Can I get my credit card statement online? 

Your credit card statements are available for viewing through the credit card access link in e-Banking.

Do you offer a debit card for HSA accounts? 

Yes, we offer free HSA debit cards with our HSA accounts.


What is e-Pay? 

e-Pay is Nutmeg's electronic bill payment service that is accessible through e-Banking.

Is there a charge to use e-Pay? 

e-Pay is free to all Nutmeg members! All you need is a valid checking account.

How do I sign up for e-Pay? 

If you already have an e-Banking account and a valid checking account, simply sign in and click on the "e-Pay" link. One you have read and accepted our e-Pay Use Disclosure, you will be able to create new payees with this service.

Why can't I sign in to e-Pay? 

If you are unable to sign in to e-Pay and are not getting an error message, make sure that your web browser has been set up to accept cookies or third-party cookies. If you need assistance, please contact us.

Why can't I see a payee's address in e-Pay? 

You can find a payee's address by clicking on their name in the "Payment Center" section of e-Pay. You can also view payee addresses by clicking on "Manage My Bills" and selecting a biller name to update its information.

Can I set up e-Pay to transfer funds from savings if I don't have enough money in checking? 

If you do not have enough money in checking, any transaction (including those in e-Pay) can be convered by overdraft protection if set up. We allow up to six (6) overdraft transfers from savings per month.

Can I see my account balances in e-Pay? 

To view your account balances, click on "Accounts" in the top-left corner to go back to e-Banking.


What are e-Statements? 

e-Statements is a part of our e-Banking service that allows you to retrieve your statements from any computer with internet access. With e-Statements, you can receive your statements as webpages (HTML) or exactly as your printed statements would appear (PDF). You can also choose to save your statements to your computer rather than printing them. Once you enroll in e-Statements, you will no longer receive paper statements. This service is free to all Nutmeg members! 

What are the benefits of e-Statements? 

There are many benefits to using e-Statements. By signing up, you'll get your statements several days faster than printed statements (and usually within the first two business days of the month). e-Statements also save paper and reduce the credit union's printing costs. But don't worry! Even if you have enrolled in e-Statements, we are required by law to keep seven years' worth of statements on record for you.

What is required to enroll in e-Statements? 

In order to enroll in e-Statements, you must have a valid e-Banking login (username and password) and a valid e-mail address. Once enrolled, a valid e-mail address must remain associated with your account to allow electronic statement notifications to be sent to you.

How can I save or print my e-Statements? 

Select the "Print/Save as PDF" option. By doing this, your statement will be downloaded as a PDF and will be available for your recordkeeping. PDFs must be viewed with Adobe Acrobat, which can be downloaded for free here. To print your statement, simply select the print option in Adobe Acrobat and select your printing device.

Can I disable e-Statements? 

Yes. In e-Statements, click on your profile and select "Make Changes" at the top of the page. Next, select "Cancel current e-Statement service" at the bottom of the page and click on "Apply changes." It may take one statement cycle for you to start receiving paper statements again.


What does it mean to be a Nutmeg member? 

Membership means that you are a part-owner of the credit union. As a member/owner, you are able to take advantage of all the benefits Nutmeg has to offer.

Can I open an account or apply for membership online? 

Yes! Click here to visit out new member application.

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