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FAQ: Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking concerns Malware is a major concern to mobile devices. In addition, there are few anti-virus options available for mobile devices. To safeguard access to your personal information and potentially access to your accounts at the credit union, please ensure that applications that you download or links that you access on your mobile devices are of legitimate sources. Downloading applications of unknown or suspect origin could compromise your mobile device login credentials.
When I use the Back button on my browser, weird things happen, like a blank page coming up or the previous page with error messages. Never use the browser’s Back button on a phone with Mobile Banking, especially after a page where you have entered information and pressed Submit or Continue. Use the links and tabs to navigate through the pages.
How does NSFCU Mobile Banking handle security? NSFCU Mobile Banking is encrypted using the Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) protocol, which provides the highest level of security available today. Additionally, all data that passes between the wireless gateway, MShift’s servers, and Nutmeg’s web servers is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates.
Who is NSFCU’s Mobile Banking provider? MShift powers NSFCU Mobile Banking. For more information on MShift, visit their web site at
I keep getting locked out of my account when I try and log in on my mobile phone. Why doesn’t it accept my login information? Using your mobile phone to enter data takes a little practice. Passwords are case sensitive; make sure you are entering your password exactly as it is set up. If your password begins with a lower-case letter, you may need to use your phone’s shift key to change the default from upper case. In addition, some phones require extra shift key presses to enter numbers instead of letters.
I know I am entering my login information correctly, but I can’t login. There may be one of several things that are occurring with your Online Banking account 1. Online Banking may be down. This can be confirmed by logging into to verify. 2. MultiFactor Authentication (MFA) challenge questions may not have been set up on your account. Please go to Online Banking and set that up. 3. You may have one or more pages showing up on Online Banking that require your attention, such as email address confirmation pages, security update pages, or Terms and Conditions update. You will need to login to Online Banking and take care of those pages before you can use Mobile Banking for privacy and security reasons.
What happens if I get locked out of NSFCU Mobile Banking? As with NSFCU Online Banking, you must call the credit union to unlock your account or request a new password. For security reasons, you may not change your new password on NSFCU Mobile Banking. Once your password is set up, you may use your Account Number/User ID and password to immediately log in to NSFCU Mobile Banking.
Do you have an iPhone app? Yes. Our iPhone app is available in Apple's App Store. Additionally, we now offer an Android and Blackberry app.
How do I know if my phone is web-enabled? If you have a browser that allows you to see web pages on your phone’s main menu or home page, then it is web-enabled. The browser icon is usually a picture of Earth. Contact your mobile phone carrier to confirm that your phone is web-enabled and that the service is activated.
Which mobile devices are supported for NSFCU Mobile Banking? You can access NSFCU Mobile Banking from any Internet-enabled mobile device including iPhones and iPod Touches, Android phones, Palm Pre and Treo phones, Pocket PC devices, and Internet-enabled flip phones.
What can I do on the Mobile Banking website? Mobile e-Banking is like your own personal branch that is available anytime, from anywhere! With Mobile e-Banking, you get many of the same features you’re accustomed to, including:
  • At-a-glance actual and available balances for all your accounts
  • Transaction history details, including searching within a specific date range
  • View check images
  • Quick, one-time transfers between your own accounts or other members’ accounts
  • Set up scheduled transfers between your own accounts or other members’ accounts
  • Pay bills with a mobile version of e-Pay*
You can also keep up-to-date with Nutmeg information, such as:
  • Branch hours, locations, and contact information
  • Current rates for share accounts, certificates, and loans
  • Locate a NSFCU ATM or other financial institutions’ ATMs within the SUM® and/or Co-Op® networks
Mobile e-Banking is just as secure as the full version of e-Banking so you can rest assured your information is kept safe. No information is stored on your mobile device. Best of all, if you’re already signed up for e-Banking, you’re already signed up for Mobile e-Banking too!
Can I use NSFCU Mobile Banking if I don’t have a Nutmeg account? Yes, but you can only access certain featues such as branch locations or contact information.
Is there a fee to use NSFCU Mobile Banking? No. NSFCU Mobile Banking is free of charge.
Do you offer text based (SMS) banking? Yes! SMS stands for short message service. It is also commonly referred to as text messaging, or two-way messaging. With SMS e-Banking, you can quickly and easily use your cell phone to access your account information at any time! SMS e-Banking gives you the following features:
  • Actual and available balances for all your share accounts; and
  • Last three (3) withdrawal/deposit amounts for all your share accounts
In order to use SMS e-Banking, you'll need to first register* your device. Click here to get started now! Once registered, simply text** any of the following commands to 21443:
  • Nutmeg BAL (Provides actual and available balances for all your share accounts)
  • Nutmeg HIST (Provides last three (3) withdrawal/deposit amounts for all your share accounts)
  • Nutmeg CMD (List of active commands)
  • Nutmeg HELP (Provides help/contact information)
  • Nutmeg STOP (Opt out of service and unregister device)
Within less than a minute, you should get a response back with the information requested! It's that easy! *In order to register for this service, you must already be enrolled in e-Banking. You will need to provide your member number/user ID, an answer to one of your security questions, as well as your e-Banking password. If you have not yet enrolled in e-Banking, click here. **All major carriers are supported (Alltell, AT&T, Boost, Cellular One, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon, and Virgin Mobile). While Nutmeg does not charge for use of this service, please contact your wireless provider for any additional charges you may incur. We are not responsible for usage, services, or other charges incurred on any device.