Membership - Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union

FAQ: Membership

What does being a “member” of NSFCU mean? Membership means that you are an owner of the credit union. As a member/owner, you are able to take advantage of all of the benefits the credit union offers.
Can I open an account or apply for membership online? Yes, you may start the enrollment process for membership via our Web site. The account will not be opened until we receive required identification and a signature.
Become a Member All credit unions serve a "field of membership" or a group with a common bond. You can benefit from the credit union difference. NSFCU membership is open to you if you:
  • Live
  • Work
  • Worship
  • Attend school or
  • Volunteer
in New Haven County, Hartford County, Middlesex County, or Tolland County, Connecticut. Membership is also open to:
  • Spouses of Current Members
  • Immediate Family of Current Members
  • Employees of the Credit Union
A minimum $5.00 deposit and a completed membership application are required to open a Share Savings Account. With this deposit, you become a member/owner of NSFCU. Once a member, always a member, and regardless of where you live or work, you can retain your membership provided you maintain an open savings account with a $5.00 deposit. We welcome you to become a credit union member.