ePay - Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union

FAQ: e-Pay

Why doesn’t the payee’s address show on e-Pay? You can find the payee’s address by clicking on the payee name in name in the “Payment Center”. You can also see the address by clicking on “Manage My Bills”, selecting a “Biller Name”, and clicking “Update biller information”.
Can I set up e-Pay to transfer funds from savings if I don’t have enough money in checking? Yes. You can set up overdraft protection from you savings or money market account. We allow up to 6 per month.
Can I see my account balance from e-Pay? From e-Pay, just click on “Accounts” in the upper left hand corner to go back to e-Banking and view the balances in your account.
Why can’t I sign into e-Pay? If you are not getting an error message and are simply being sent back to the e-Banking logon screen every time you click on e-Pay, you must make sure that your web browser is set-up to accept cookies or 3rd party cookies.
How do I sign up for e-Pay? It’s easy! If you already have an e-Banking username/ password and you have a checking account, simply sign into e-Banking and click on the e-Pay link. Once you read and accept the disclosure, you will be able to create new payee’s.
What is required for e-Pay? You must have an e-Banking username/ password and you must have a checking account.
How much does e-Pay cost? e-Pay is free to all NSFCU members. All you need is an NSFCU checking account.
What is e-Pay? e-Pay is Nutmeg’s electronic bill payment service that is accessible through e-Banking.