ATM - Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union


Why are you charging me for a replacement ATM/ Debit Card? We only charge to replace a lost card. The fee to replace a lost card is $10. If your card is damaged or stolen there is no charge.
Where can I access surcharge free ATMs? Members can use any NSFCU ATM without incurring any fees. Also, NSFCU is part of the SUM and CO-Op Networks.
What are the daily limits for ATM/Debit transactions? Members are allowed a $500 daily limit on PIN based transactions and a $1,500.00 daily limit on signature based transactions.
Can you have an ATM near where I live/ work? At this time, we have 16 ATM locations. We are also a part for the SUM and Co-Op Networks, which provide a network of fee free ATMs. You can use any SUM or Co-Op designated ATM surcharge free! Visit "ATM Locations" at the top of the home screen for more information. 
Can I make deposits at your ATMs? Yes. All branch ATMs accept deposits with the exception of Hartford. Deposits are for Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union accounts only. Deposits for other institutions will not be accepted.