Account Transfers - Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union

FAQ: Account Transfers

Can I complete the wire transfer form online? No, you will need to complete paperwork and show a valid ID to initiate a wire transfer.
Can I transfer money to or from another financial institution? We do offer wire transfer services that will allow you to transfer funds to or from another institution. Fees apply to wire transfers. Please click here to view a copy of our Fee Schedule.
Can I get a warning when approaching my 6 transaction limit? e-Banking tracks the number of Reg D withdrawals by month. You can look at your transaction history on your savings or money market account in order to determine whether you are reaching your limit.
Can you make the limit 8 transfers instead of 6? No. Per Regulation D members are limited to 6 withdrawals or transfers per month from savings or money market accounts.
Why are you limiting transfers from my savings account to only 6 per month?

Regulation D is a Federal Reserve Board regulation that places a limit of 6 withdrawals or transfers per month from savings or money market accounts.

Can I set up e-Pay to transfer funds from savings if I don’t have enough money in checking? Yes. You can set up overdraft protection from you savings or money market account. We allow up to 6 per month and there is a $2.00 fee for this transfer.
What time do Direct Deposits get credited? Direct deposits are credited by 8:30 am each business day.
What time do automatic transfers occur? Automatic transfers occur prior to the opening of business each day.