Why should I use e-Statements? - Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union
Why should I use e-Statements?

1. Get your statement several days faster than the printed statement. e-Statements are generally available within the first 2 business days of the month.
2. Go Green! – Save paper and reduce pollution by not receiving a paper statement and instead choosing to read the statement on your computer or file them on your computer. (Don’t worry, we are required by law to keep seven years’ worth of statements for you).
3. Cut Costs – As a credit union member/ owner, this is one small way that you can help us to reduce our operating costs. e-Statements costs us as little as 12 cents per member. Compare that to an average of 0.67 cents per single page statement. Most statements are actually 2 pages or more. With over 26,000 members, these costs increase quickly!