Why can’t I see the login box for e-Banking on the Web site?

Since the website was redesigned in the summer of ’09, we have added a login box to e-Banking from the top lefthand side of the web page. We have had some members indicate that they have not been able to see this login box. In each case, the issue was that the member was using an outdated version of Internet Explorer, typically Version 6.

IE6 was release in 2001. Although Microsoft technically still supports IE6 for Windows XP computers, the IE6 browser has a number of security issues and lacks support for modern web standards. One of these web standards that it does not support is embedded iframes, like our login box.

It is highly recommended to update your web browser to the lastest version of Internet Explorer (version 7 or 8 will work), or use another web browser such as ,Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Opera.

If you cannot update your browser (due to workplace restrictions) or choose not to and still need to access e-Banking, please bookmark the direct link to e-Banking – https://secure.nutmegstatefcu.org/auth/Authorize?fiid=1.