Why can’t I see my loans on Mint.com? - Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union
Why can’t I see my loans on Mint.com?

Every since Microsoft annouced it was sunsetting it’s Money product, we have recommended members to use Intuit’s Quicken product or on-line personal finance managers (PFM), like Yodlee or Mint.

A number of members have chosen to use PFM’s like Mint.com. Mint.com is known to work with all of your share accounts (as long as they have not been nicknamed). However, members have had limited sucess in getting their NSFCU CD and loan account information into Mint.com. This is because we are not yet listed as a “supported” financial institution with Mint.

We have tried contacting Mint numerous times to work with them to support all of our account types. However, they seem to be going after the “bigger fish”. Basically, they are working with larger banks and financial institutions first and have been overwhelmed with requests.

So at this point in time, we can only recommmend Mint.com to access your share account information.