How do I enroll in e-Banking? - Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union
How do I enroll in e-Banking?

To take advantage of the e-Banking features, members are required to enroll in e-Banking. The following are the steps required to complete enrollment:

  • You will need your existing member number and password to enroll. If you’ve never been assigned a password, you can assign yourself one by first verifying your membership. Click here to begin.
  • You may also call us at (860) 513-5000 or (800) 526-6933 if you do not know your member number and/or password. We can assign you an initial password that you will be required to change after enrollment.
  • You will then need to select 3 security questions and provide answers for them. You may choose from our questions, create your own, or a combination of the two. The answers to these questions that you create are case sensitive and will be used on subsequent logins to e-Banking. They must be answered in the same format that you created during enrollment.
  • If you already know your password, but never selected and answered 3 security questions, click here to begin.
  • You will also have to create a security phrase (see below for more detail).
  • You will also have the choice of creating a User ID (see below for more detail).

To view a demo of the enrollment process, click here.