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Keep Your Accounts Protected from Fraud and Identity Theft

In light of Target’s massive credit and debit card breach, I wanted to once again reiterate the importance of doing everything you can to be proactive about ensuring that you are protecting yourself from being a victim of identity theft.

Unfortunately, even if you are already careful about shredding your documents and protecting your personal information, sometimes, as in the case of what occurred with Target, the situation is out of your control. It is for this reason that we have systems in place that ensure we are doing everything we can to prevent a compromise to your personal information.

In the unlikely event that a large scale attack like Target’s causes fraud on your account, we have multiple layers of protection for your accounts and your credit and debit cards. We have fraud detection systems in place that monitor your credit and debit activity. If your cards are used for a purchase that triggers an alert, you will be contacted by our Transaction Review Department and asked to verify the purchase. The caller will only ask that you confirm the amount and location of the purchase, no other personal information will be requested. Common fraud alert triggers include making large purchases at online sites and purchases made outside of the state that you live. The alerts are customized to each member’s individual spending habits in order to maintain the highest level of security for everyone. Please note: It is always important that we have your most up-to-date contact information on file, so that if we need to get in touch with you, we can.

We also have an Identity Theft Recovery Program in place to help you get your identify restored in the event that it is stolen. If you detect fraudulent activity and you are enrolled with us for this service, all you need to do is contact us and we will refer you to a personal Recovery Advocate. The Recovery Advocate assigned to your case will:

  • provide a customized recovery plan within 72 hours
  • alert the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion)
  • work with all necessary government and law enforcement agencies
  • complete all forms and follow-up on your behalf

If you are not enrolled or are not sure if you are enrolled in this program, please contact us to find out more information. This program covers all your bank accounts and credit cards, not just Nutmeg accounts. This service has helped many members who have been the victim of identity theft recover their identities and repair the damages done. We encourage you to take advantage of this added protection.

For more information about our ID Theft Program, click here. To enroll, simply call us at 1.800.526.6933 or 860.513.5000 or click here to e-mail us.

For more tips on how you can best protect yourself from identity theft, click here. And for credit report resources, click here

Other options for tracking and monitoring your account include our e-Alerts and e-Banking. With e-Alerts, you can track spending and catch unauthorized usage by scheduling transaction notifications to be sent to your e-mail address or mobile device. You can customize these notifications according to your need. With e-Banking, you can log in to you bank account any time day or night and monitor your activity.

We’re here to help so please contact us any time for further assistance. Thank you for choosing to bank with us!


John Holt

President and CEO