Loan Rates

Effective January 1, 2016

Mortgages (Available to Members in MA, ME, RI, NH, & CT)

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First Mortgage (priced daily)
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 Connecticut  MA, ME, RI, NH
Homeowner Express
Term Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Monthly Payment (Per $1,000 Borrowed)
8 Years As low as 3.29% $11.86
12 Years As low as 3.49% $8.51
Subject to credit approval. The APR and monthly payment for your loan request will be based on your credit score and other factors. Your actual rate may be higher than the advertised rate depending on your credit score. Payoff existing mortgage balances. No cash out. Minimum loan amount of $25,000. Maximum loan amount of $375,000. New money only. Existing NSFCU first mortgage loans are not eligible. Maximum loan-to-value of 75%. Eligible properties are single family detached owner occupied homes, condominiums and planned unit developments in Connecticut. Other terms and conditions may apply. We are an equal opportunity lender. Sample monthly payment per $1,000 borrowed for 96 months at 3.29% APR = $11.86, and per $1,000 borrowed for 144 months at 3.49% APR = $8.51.
Home Equity Loans
Type of Loan Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Available Terms Monthly Payment (Per $1,000 Borrowed)
Line of Credit 3.500% 84 Month Draw Period
120 Month Repayment
Fixed Rate Second Mortgage As low as: 3.500% 60 Months $18.19
As low as: 3.500% 84 Months $13.44
As low as: 4.000% 120 Months $10.13
As low as: 4.250% 180 Months $7.53
Vehicle Loans
Type of Loan Current Rate (APR)
New Vehicle* As low as 2.39% Apply Now Loan Calculator
Max age 2 years Max 20,000 miles
Used Vehicle* As low as 2.64% Apply Now Loan Calculator
Max age 7 years

Max 100,000 miles

Motorcycle As low as 4.750% Apply Now Loan Calculator
Recreational (includes Boats, RV’s, Tow-behind & Travel Trailers As low as 5.250% Apply Now Loan Calculator
Financing based on NADA Average Retail Value. Includes Tax, Title and Warranty. *Rates shown are Annual Percentage Rates and are subject to change without notice.  Rates and terms may be determined by overall credit worthiness of each applicant.  May be subject to minimum rate limitations.  
Personal Loans
Type of Loan Current Rate (APR) Available Terms Additional Factors
Share Secured Varies with Share Rate 60 Months 120 Months Borrow at 2.50% or 3.50% above current savings rates
Certificate Secured 2.50% Over Certificate Rate See Additional Factors Maximum Term of Loan Can Not Exceed Term of Certificate
Unsecured (Total cannot exceed $40,000) As low as: 9.24% APR Apply Now Loan Calculator
Education Loan 6.000% APR Apply Now Loan Calculator
Student Choice Education Line of Credit As low as: 5.750% APR Apply Now More Information
VISA® Credit Card
With Reward Points Non-variable rates 9.950% – 17.950% APR
Without Reward Points Non-variable rates 9.950% – 16.950% APR
Moneyline Line of Credit
Type of Loan Current Rate (APR) Additional Factors
Unsecured Personal Line of Credit As low as: 9.24%APR
Credit lines range from $500 to a maximum of $40,000. No collateral required.