Conoce a la Junta Directiva

Luis Ramos, Chairman

With over 30 years of technical and leadership experience, Luis Ramos brings a new depth to the role of Chairman of the Board for the Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union (NSFCU). Luis was selected as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for NSFCU on March 12, 2014. Luis has volunteered for NSFCU since 1998 when he joined the Supervisory Committee; later in 2005, he became the Supervisory Committee Chairman and Board of Directors Associate. In August 2008, he was elected Board of Directors Secretary, and in March 2010 he was appointed Vice Chairman of the Board. Outside NSFCU, Luis has worked for SNET, SBC/SNET, and AT&T since 1984. Luis is currently Senior Technical Architect in the Business Corporate Network Solutions Information Technology (BCNS-IT) Organization at AT&T; he uses critical thinking skills to solve complex issues and develops solutions to complex business and technical problems of complex scope using advance engineering and scientific principles. He is also a professor of Organizational and Transformational Leadership courses in the School of Graduate Business and Management at the University of Phoenix. Luis holds a BA in Management and an MBA in Organizational Leadership; his current doctoral studies focus on the dearth of young Hispanic males in leadership positions.

Charles Sabia Jr., Vice Chairman

A Board Member since 1995, Charlie has played an important role in NSFCU’s growth over the years. In 2001, after 38 years, he retired as a Program Manager from Lucent Technologies. In addition to acting as the Chairman of NSFCU’s Board of Directors from 2005 – 2008, Charlie has also served as a member of the Human Resources Committee the Loan Review Committee, and as Chairman of the Technology Committee.

Mike Petti, SPHR, Secretary

Mike was appointed to NSFCU’s Board of Directors in June of 2001. Prior to joining Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union’s Board of Directors, he served as the Chairman of the Board of Stanley Works Employees Federal Credit Union. He also served as Chairman of the Board from 2010-2014. Mike holds a BA from Franklin College, an MBA from the University of New Haven, the SPHR designation in Human Resources and is a Certified Mediator. Mike is formerly the Vice President of Human Resources for Goodrich Engine Controls, NA in West Hartford and is currently consulting in the Human Resources field. He has played a valuable role in the credit union’s growth and success.

Wallace Abramson, Treasurer

Wally has served on NSFCU’s Board of Directors since June of 2001. He previously served on the Stanley Works Employees Federal Credit Union Board. In 1998, he retired from Stanley Works after over 39 years of service. He plays a key role on our Board of Directors, and in addition to being a Director serves on the Technology Committee, and as Chairman of the Board Governance Committee. He has contributed a great deal to the credit union’s success since his appointment to the Board.

  Beth Bunko

Beth has been a volunteer for the credit union since 2004 and has been employed by Eversource for over 30 years, holding a variety of positions in Accounting, Finance, Regulatory and IT. Beth is the current Chair for the Supervisory Committee and has been actively involved since 2004. Beth was appointed as an Associate Director to the NSFCU’s Board of Directors in 2009, and a full Director in 2011. Beth has BS in Marketing from CCSU and an MS in Professional Accounting from the University of Hartford.

Ron Brousseau

Ron has had a long history with the credit union. Over the course of his tenure, Ron has played an integral role in the credit union’s continued growth and success. He was originally appointed to the Board of Directors in 1989, where he went on to serve as Chairman of the Board from 1993 – 1996. In addition to maintaining his position on the Board, he also serves as Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, and Chairman of the Human Resources Committee.

Mike Godbout

Mike was appointed to the Board of Directors in September of 1989. Since then, he has served as both Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board, and currently serves on the Personnel Committee. He also serves as Chairman of the ALM Committee.

Maria DeMarco, Associate Director

Maria joined the credit union’s Board as an Associate Director in 2011. She also serves on the Board Governance Committee. A longtime member of Nutmeg, she is currently the President of DeMarco Management Group in Hartford. Maria is very active in Connecticut’s business community and volunteers on many other boards and committees. She brings a fresh perspective to the Board and plays a valuable role in the credit union’s success.