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Exceptional Service Is Our Goal Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service at every interaction. It is our key focus. We want to understand your needs and exceed your expectations at every interaction, whether in person, on the phone or online. Every change that we've made thus far and every individual that we've hired has been with this in mind. We hire people with positive attitudes and those that are committed to providing you with a great experience. I am so committed to this strategy that I want to know directly if you have a bad experience or an unresolved issue. If you contact me, I will need the details of your issue and the person(s) that you were dealing with. I also appreciate emails that talk about the good job our people are doing! I like to pass those emails on to the employees that helped you with a rewarding experience. My email address is justtelljohn@nutmegstatefcu.org. We’re growing and we need to in order to stay competitive with the many banks and credit unions that serve Connecticut. We’re adding branches, improving our technology and creating products and services to fit your needs, but we will NEVER lose the personal touch that you deserve. All of our staff is required to go through extensive training so that they are equipped to handle all your requests and answer any questions you may have regarding your account. No matter how much we grow, our dedication to building strong relationships and creating members for life will never change.  I hope you agree! As we wind down 2013, I want to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty and dedication to this credit union.  We’re proud of what we've done over the past few years and feel confident that the plans we have for 2014 will make doing business with us even better and more convenient. Lastly, I want to thank our employees and our Board of Directors for their support and hard work.  Without them, we wouldn't be able to continue to make your experience even better! Thank you for choosing to bank with us. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, John Holt President and CEO P.S.  Look for my newest message next month where I’ll talk about our plans for 2014!
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