Member Testimonials

I have JUST joined the credit Union as a new employee of Phoenix!

What a wonderful experience! Cher opened my account for me and set up a possibility for refinancing my car loan and mortgage. Everyone I spoke with provided great insight and direction. I had all the paperwork provided to me with little to no work on my end!

For an example, even depositing a check you do not need to fill out a deposit slip – all you need is your account number. Amazingly simple, easy and user friendly system!

I am so happy I joined and will save a great deal from the fabulous rates that are being offered.

Thank you,

Vici A., Hartford, CT

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the positive experience I had recently in finalizing my used car loan through Nutmeg.

I had found the perfect car and wanted to finance outside the Big Banks. I was pleased to see a good rate on the online loan application through Nutmeg, and wanted to finance with you due to that rate.

I found the staff to be, not only spot on helpful, but thorough in following up with me, thorough in knowledge of the process itself, and completely professional in dealing with my messy situation. I felt from the start that I had been directed to the right place.

I found it refreshing to be on the receiving end of this kind of attention. It is not every day someone is capable of this kind of efficiency, but it is also not every day I personally receive that efficiency and care. The loan worked out as smoothly as I could have hoped for. Everything was taken care of promptly and efficiently. And I can only say it was the most positive experience I have had with either a financial institution or a car loan in general.

Thank you so much for all the help I received.

Kathy B., Hartford, CT

I’ve wanted to express my pleasure with working with Nutmeg.

Let me tell you…the staff was fabulous…I enjoyed working with them. Applying for a loan can be stressful but working with the credit union took the edge off. They were very patient and didn’t push me to make up my mind.

I am glad to have worked with them on this loan.

Jacquelyn M., Bloomfield, CT

I had managed to mess up my account and your fine employees got me squared away, and were polite, patient and a pleasure to deal with at all times. Thank you. - Bill C., West Hartford, CT

Over many years, the credit union has helped me with difficult, sometimes urgent, issues related to my VISA® card. They have always been quick on the uptake and expended a lot of effort to help me solve those problems. - Steve L.. Lincoln, MA

My family had fallen on some hard times and the credit union gave me some options as to how I could resolve my financial hardships. They were wonderful, and I truly appreciate that NSFCU was able to assist. - Nicole B., CT

I think Nutmeg is outstanding – just keep up the great services! - Web Poll

Nutmeg State FCU has been outstanding in customer service. They have continuously proven leadership in the industry with services, rates and professionalism. I would not want to have any other bank or credit union provide me with my banking needs as they could not live up to the standards you have set and time and again. Thank you. – Stuart S., Bristol, CT

I’m a member and have been with the credit union for about ten years. Today, I had a problem with a transaction. I left message and asked for a call back with the answer to my question by a specific time because I’m going out of town. I was not only called back within the requested time frame, but my problem was resolved and the issue with my transaction was resolved. Now, that’s customer service!! It’s this type of service that has kept me a member for so long. You certainly have a service-oriented staff and these days that’s rare!

You know people always say that there is always room for improvement but the folks at Nutmeg are truly doing a great job. No improvement needed! - Web Poll

I can not think of any improvements Nutmeg State FCU can make at this present time, I find the service to be EXCELLENT. Your teller staff is courteous, and accurate. You provide second chances for your members. I will never leave this credit union! - Pauline E., Bristol, CT

I cannot express enough my gratitude to the folks at Nutmeg, for the tremendous effort afforded to me over the last several months. Thank you again. Mike S., Westerly, RI